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Doktorandtjänst vid Chalmers tekniska högskola

onsdag, maj 19, 2021

Intresserad av att forska inom digital hälsa? På Chalmers erbjuds nu en doktorandtjänst inom detta område med inriktning mot kombinationen sjukvård i hemmet och prehospital sjukvård. Teknikmässigt handlar det om sensorfusion och datafusion samt kliniska beslutsstöd inklusive AI och machine learning.

"We are an internationally renowned research group, focusing on research in the fields of Biomedical Engineering and Digital Health. This doctoral position is funded by the Kamprad Family Foundation  and is part of a strategic investment to develop and expand the Digital Health research and innovation activities at our department.

In this role you will join a research group that provides a stimulating, pleasant and flexible work environment for developing research and teaching, with a network reaching companies and health care representatives with special interest in Digital Health."

The society is in the beginning of a large transformation of healthcare where more and more care, acute and chronic, will be provided in individuals' homes - supported by mobile care teams and Digital Health in many facets. Another strong trend is precision health, where the goal is to tailor care and treatments to each individual at every moment utilizing as much available data and information as possible - no matter their source.

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