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Get the balance right: Inn2Health tackles fall prevention

26 maj 2021 08:30 till 12:30
Welcome to a Cross Collaboration Day on fall prevention focused on in-hospital setting, with the aim of engaging innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies from different sectors in the search for innovative solutions that can decrease the risk of fall injuries.

Loss of balance and consequently fall injuries are major public health concerns, and the issue is growing given the increasing elderly population in society. In Sweden, the majority of emergency department visits, hospitalisation and deaths are caused by accidents involving a fall. A few of the known risk factors for falling are increasing age, previous history of falling, side-effects of medicines and medical conditions, and most of those suffering fall accidents are aged 65 or older.

Today, all patients admitted to hospital above 65 will undergo a fall risk assessment.  By identifying solutions focused on fall prevention, we will not only ease the individual suffering for patients falling, but also save precious healthcare resources, as minimising the risk of falling is directly linked to decreased cost for injuries and surgical interventions linked to falling. 

Agenda & Setup
During the Cross Collaboration Day, we will provide an overview of Inn2Health as well as more in-depth definitions of and background to the unmet need, before moving into focus group work.  A detailed agenda will be sent out to all registered delegates in advance of the Cross Collaboration Day.

More info & registration


Inn2Health is a collaboration platform introducing innovators and entrepreneurs to verified unmet needs in healthcare, aiming to catalyse the development of innovations that meet the needs of patients and caregivers – and at the same time support the growth and competitiveness of entrepreneurs and companies. 
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