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Zero Vision Will Drive Pre-Hospital Innovation Work

In order to develop pre-hospital healthcare into ambulatory care at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, PreHospen at the University of Borås and Prehospital ICT Arena at Lindholmen Science Park are working together to create a wide arena for collaboration. The guiding principle is a simple vision: no mistakes in pre-hospital assessment and prioritisation.

Vinnova has allocated funds for the parties to investigate the conditions for establishing a Prehospital Arena. It will be launched in Prehospital ICT Arena (PICTA), but with a greater scope, instead of focussing solely on ICT/eHealth.

'Pre-hospital healthcare is extremely important, not only in emergency situations, but in a much wider perspective. The more certain the assessment and decision which can be made in the pre-hospital phase, the better it is for the patients. That is why we want to expand the collaboration and take a broader approach based on a common vision,' says Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Program Coordinator for PICTA. 

Pre-hospital care is an important part of the development areas defined for healthcare: namely, good and nearby healthcare, more highly-specialised and centralised healthcare, digitalisation and quality improvement. 

This entails, in part, making greater demands on accuracy in the early healthcare decisions relating to patient assessment and prioritisation. In order to meet the demands and challenges in the best manner possible, a far-reaching and open collaboration towards a common pre-hospital vision is needed – a zero vision with respect to mistakes in pre-hospital assessment and prioritisation.

There will be an expansion of the unique collaborative cluster, which involves all project partners and has already established over the course of several projects in which PICTA served as a catalyst.

The activities within PICTA have developed successfully and currently involve more than 30 participants. Several projects have received financing within the past year, where both Vinnova and Region Västra Götaland have contributed. Better conditions for the digitalisation of healthcare have been created in the collaboration between academics, the business sector and public authorities - read more about some of the projects here:

PreTest - Mobile test bed creates unique possibilities for advances in healthcare

PreSISe - Prehospital Decision Support for Identification of Sepsis Risk

ViPHS: Video Support in the Prehospital Stroke Chain