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FLISA and Prehospital ICT Arena strengthens collaboration in IT and eHealth in Swedish ambulance medical care

FLISA (the Federation of Leaders in Swedish Ambulance and Emergency Services) and PICTA (Prehospital ICT Arena) at Lindholmen Science Park are working to increase cooperation in driving the development, utilization and innovation of IT and eHealth in ambulance medical care.
Magnus Hagiwara


“As FLISA represents members from all healthcare regions and county councils in Sweden, we see this as a chance for us to bring together the ambulance sector in Sweden, while PICTA brings together technology and academia. Together we are creating a platform where many different points of view can meet. The purpose is to improve healthcare by combining medical science with technology and current research, so that patients will receive the best treatment possible in the future,” says Håkan Klementsson, Chairman of FLISA.


“Together we can become even more effective at pursuing IT and eHealth issues in prehospital care. We see that there are many areas we can develop, for the benefit of both patients and staff. Prehospital care must also properly be part of the healthcare digitalization map. The aim is that national ambulance care will become part of the national digitalization of healthcare and medical service, for example, Vision eHealth 2025,” says Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, program coordinator of Prehospital ICT Arena (PICTA) at Lindholmen Science Park.

As with healthcare and medical services as a whole, prehospital care is facing major challenges and is in need of digitalization. Important decisions must be taken early in the healthcare chain concerning handling, choice of medical process and destination – often in a complicated and stressful environment. Typical examples of this include healthcare chains where time and choice of destination are critical, such as acute heart attack, stroke, trauma and sepsis. These are also large disease groups where the risk of death and long-term injury is substantial if the correct care is not swiftly initiated.

To support work by staff and thereby the patient care process, an exchange of information is required between other players in the healthcare chain, access to information from various sources and different forms of computerized clinical decision support – in short, qualified IT and eHealth. Well-designed solutions and processes also contribute to a better care outcome, improved patient security, greater opportunities for follow-up and operational development. Even though technology now offers major opportunitie,s these are far from being fully utilized in practice. By expanding their collaboration, FLISA and PICTA wish to drive development, utilization and innovation in the field.

Prehospital ICT Arena (PICTA) is run by Lindholmen Science Park. Together with some 30 organizations from the healthcare sector, business community and academia, we are working to remove the obstacles that prevent IT and eHealth from being utilized and developed to their full potential in, for example, ambulance medical care. Through shared projects, knowledge dissemination and research, we want to ensure that IT and eHealth are used in the best possible manner in healthcare services. Prehospital ICT Arena works with the whole care chain, from someone needing help until the patient has received the correct treatment. The arena is financed by Västra Götaland Region and investments from the arena’s stakeholders.

Lindholmen Science Park is a collaborative environment in the focus areas of transport, ICT, visualization and media. We offer a neutral arena where businesses, academia and authorities can