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The first Henry Wallman-prize winner - Sabine Reinfeldt

Sabine Reinfeldt has been awarded the newly established prize in medical technology, in the spirit of Henry Wallman, for her research on bone conduction, and for her ability to build bridges between disciplines. Sabine, Associate Professor and leader of the research group Biomedical Signals and Systems at Chalmers University of Technology, received the prize at a ceremony arranged by MedTech West on 19 September.
Photo: Helene Lindström, MedTech West

What does this prize mean to you?
– It means a lot to me! I am very honored and pleased to receive it. I see the prize as an acknowledgement that my work is important and that it is well received. Also, I want to say that I feel very humble, because when I started doing my research, I became a part of already existing multidisciplinary collaborations, and my prerequisites to continue collaborating have been most favorable. To receive a prize in Henry Wallman’s spirit is a great honor, and I am very glad that my group’s research is being recognized in this positive way.


Sabine Reinfeldt together with Bo Håkansson, Bengt-Arne Sjöqvist and Kaj Lindecrantz.
Photo: Helene Lindström, MedTech West

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