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Digital health joins forces with the automotive industry

Monday, November 2, 2020

Higher road traffic safety, better insight into the health status of the person behind the wheel, and increased knowledge of how connected aids and smart services can be applied in vehicles. These are some of the benefits of the emerging collaboration between researchers in the digital health area and the automotive industry.

​​- There are many important interfaces between digital health and the automotive industry that have not yet been explored. From our perspective in western Sweden, we think that the time is right for a joint venture”, says Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Professor of Practice Emeritus at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers, who has played an active role in the area of digital health for many years.
- The mutual potential of this development has also been obvious within SAFER, the Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers, where both areas meet.

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