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Call for Nominations to the Henry Wallman´s Prize in Bio-Medical Engineering/Digital Health 2021

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

To the memory of Professor Henry Wallman, and the legacy of close cooperation between the clinical and the engineering sciences, Stiftelsen Medicin & Teknik (The Foundation for Bio-medical Engineering) at Chalmers has instituted an annual Innovation Prize in Bio-Medical Engineering/Digital Health.

The prize will preferably be awarded to younger researchers who, in close collaboration between expertise in technology and health care, have successfully transferred new knowledge from academia into clinical practice. The awardee can be a single innovator, or a smaller group, with activities clearly anchored in western Sweden, and then preferably Chalmers and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

The prize consists of a diploma and a scholarship. For the year 2021 the latter is 50 000 SEK.

Send nominations by email to Stiftelsen Medicin & Teknik:

In addition to name the proposal shall contain short CV and a justification, maximum 2 A4 pages. 

Proposal should be submitted by May 16:th 2021.

Further information and background regarding he prize can be found here.

Read about last year's winner, Emma Aneheim

On behalf of Stiftelsen Medicin & Teknik
Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Chalmers, Chairman of the Board
Andreas Hellström, Chalmers, Board Member
Mikael Elam, Sahlgrenska, Board Member
Anders Karlström, Chalmers, Board Member Substitute
Kaj Lindecrantz, University of Borås, Board Member Substitute and Executive Officer