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Cooperation in prehospital medical care

Metis Forum is the open meeting place where the arena’s stakeholders meet to share knowledge and experience, and turn ideas into projects. Some 30 stakeholders from healthcare services, industry and academy participate in the arena.

Together, we work for IT to be used in the best possible manner in prehospital care, for example, ambulance medical care.



  • Region Västra Götaland
  • Region Skåne
  • Region Halland
  • Region Kronoberg
  • Stockholm County Council
  • Uppsala County Council
  • Norrbottens County Council
  • Västmanlands County Council
  • Armed Forces Centre for Defence Medicine


  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • University of Borås
  • The Sahlgrenska Academy

Cooperation organizations

  • MedTech West
  • Lindholmen Science Park


  • Medfield Diagnostics
  • Domitor Consulting
  • Weltgeist
  • Ortivus
  • SAAB
  • InterSystems
  • Cerner
  • Intel Sverige
  • Caradigm
  • Volvo Technology 
  • MedITeQ
  • MediMatix Consulting
  • Predicare
  • SOS Alarm


If you want to be involved in the work, please contact:

Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Programme Manager, Lindholmen Science Park,