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The winners of the Henry Wallman prize in medical technology

For the second year, the Foundation for Bio-Medical Engineering (Stiftelsen Medicin och Teknik), with the aim to increase the utilization of bio-medical engineering research, will be handing over the Henry Wallman prize to a researcher or a research team.

The 2019 prize is awarded to a team consisting of Professor Rickard Brånemark, Associate Professor Max Ortiz Catalan and Associate Professor Kerstin Hagberg. ​They are the research team behind a new generation of bionic limbs has been awarded this year’s Henry Wallman prize in medical technology.

The team Rickard Brånemark (MD, MSc from Chalmers, PhD - orthopaedic surgeon), Max Ortiz Catalan (PhD, biomedical engineer) and Kerstin Hagberg (PhD, physiotherapist) demonstrates how a good collaboration between representatives for different competences can combine basic research with surgery, medical engineering, and clinical work to create products and solutions that can benefit a large group of patients.


The team has developed a new type of prosthesis for patients with amputations. The new prosthesis is attached to the bone tissue in the amputation stump with an abutment penetrating the skin. The signals from the nervous system that previously went to the intact body part are registered, the patient´s intentions are detected, and the prosthesis is thus controlled.

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