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Training in Augmented Reality for Emergency Medical Care

Continuous development, and thus improved capabilities for more efficient care, within various areas of the pre-hospital care chain, is a common theme of the upcoming Metis Forum. One of the companies that will present its activities is called HeroSight. They specialise in the use of Augmented Reality in training for emergency medical care, among other things. We had three questions for Daniel Kindstrand, CEO and founder of HeroSight.

Daniel Kindstrand and the team behind HeroSight have developed software for AR glasses (AR=Augmented Reality) so that rescue personnel can practise how to respond when they arrive at a location where there are many injured people. It is essential to gain a quick overview of their injuries so that the right person can be taken away by ambulance first.

You are one of the speakers at Metis Forum 2020, what will you share with the audience?_mlk4067_0.jpg
"I hope that I will be able to inspire and raise interest in how Augmented Reality can be used as a new technology for training in emergency medical care, among other things."

Why has HeroSight chosen to specialise within AR and pre-hospital medical care?
"I have prior experience working as a seaman on a tanker, a war correspondent and at a Swedish public authority. This has given me insight into very diverse professional areas, often with the recurring theme of preventative safety. Those experiences and networks, combined with a curiosity for new technology, emergency medical care developed into an exciting needs area for HeroSight to focus on, at least initially."

What do you hope to contribute with your participation?
"As a former journalist, I hope for questions and a dialogue with listeners. It is also always a pleasure to demonstrate our solution to interested persons. Recently, I have become somewhat of a non-coding specialist in the technical field of Augmented Reality and I think that I can inspire its use in more areas of need and challenges, but it is the people in the organisations who work and see problems on a daily basis that can truly show the way. Collaboration is key for needs-based development and I think it starts with questions, knowledge and curiosity."

herosight.jpgPhotos: Before and after. With Augmented Reality glasses and HeroSight's software, injuries are applied to a person or training doll in real time.