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Innovation within prehospital eHealth to receive continued financing

PICTA, Prehospital ICT Arena, at Lindholmen Science Park has received support from Region Västra Götaland to continue pursuing innovation and utilization within prehospital eHealth. Over the next three years, PICTA will receive SEK 5.7 million in core funding.

This funding means good conditions for the continued consolidation of PICTA’s business, strengthening its resources and broadening its competence. Moreover, PICTA can expand further with new projects and areas as well as develop more strategic collaborations.

“I’m very pleased that we can continue to pursue the arena’s work. After 30 years in the industry, I know how great the need is in prehospital healthcare, but the most important thing is that I know what the possibilities are!” says Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Project Manager for PICTA at Lindholmen Science Park. 

The arena has successfully established itself as a national operator and knowledge hub within prehospital ICT and eHealth and as the center for a unique regional cluster surrounding research, development, innovation and optimization. 

PICTA is connecting to Vision Västra Götaland, and is grounded in building on unique regional conditions, even if its ambition is national.

Today, several projects are underway within PICTA where IT and eHealth are tested and evaluated for their best possible uses in healthcare, for example:
Sepsis – AI support for identifying increased risk of Sepsis in the ambulance 
ViPHS – Video consultation from the ambulance in the case of acute stroke

Facts: PICTA has been run by Lindholmen Science Park in cooperation with some 30 organizations from medical care, the business community and academia since 2014. Through shared projects, knowledge dissemination and research, we want to ensure that ICT and eHealth are used in the best possible manner in prehospital healthcare services. The arena is financed by Region Västra Götaland and investments from the arena’s stakeholders.