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The Henry Wallman award winners 2019

Yesterday, MedTech West had the great honor to facilitate the prize ceremony for the Henry Wallman Award, and these are the three winners; Rickard Brånemark, Kerstin Hagberg and Max J. Ortiz Catalán. The Henry Wallman prize is an innovation prize in medical technology awarded annually to researchers or graduate students who, in close collaboration between expertise in technology and health care, successfully have transferred new knowledge from academia to practical medical care.

The team has developed a new type of prosthesis for patients with amputations. The new prosthesis is attached to the bone tissue. The signals from the nervous system showing the patient´s intentions are detected, and the prosthesis is controlled by the brain. As the team includes rehabilitation, the real-life use is ensured. The Foundation for Biomedical Engineering at Chalmers is hosting the prize.

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